CCW Air and Vapor Barriers


A properly sealed building is crucial for eliminating water infiltration. It also prevents energy losses caused by air leakage. But incompatible products and troublesome tie-in areas can hurt system performance. They can even lead to costly repairs.

That’s why Carlisle’s roofing, waterproofing and insulation companies have joined forces to create NVELOP. It’s the industry’s most comprehensive building envelope system. And it’s backed by the industry’s only tie-in warranty.

NVELOP works together from the start.


Code Compliant

NVELOP ensures compliance with the building codes and energy requirements outlined in ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC.


Energy Efficient

Energy usage is the largest controllable operating expense for commercial buildings. NVELOP can cut down your building’s energy usage.


Water Tight

NVELOP design provisions protect against air and water infiltration. They also prevent condensation issues.



NVELOP takes the guess work out of system tie-ins. We’ve designed and tested every component to ensure compatibility and lasting performance.



NVELOP’s seasoned team can provide technical help, designs and custom installation details.


Design Flexibility

Carlisle’s countless roofing, waterproofing, air barrier and insulation options allows for the flexibility to create almost any building envelope project.

One trusted company. One trusted warranty.

Trust your entire building envelope to a single source with a proven track record. Carlisle Construction Materials is a world leader in premium building products. We have more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, innovation and customer satisfaction. NVELOP provides warranty coverage of crucial tie-in junctions for up to 15 years.

NVELOP building envelope solutions include high-performance products by:

System Overview

Explore how these products combine to form the industry's best six-sided continuous air barrier.

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Warranty Options

Get the only single-source warranty coverage for leakage on all six sides of a building.

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